5 Quick Tips for Superior Customer Service

Everyone has heard the phrase “the customer is always right.” Occasionally, a customer will need a little extra help to get their way—this is where customer service comes in. Follow these tips to provide incredible customer service and to keep customers happy and coming back for more.

  1. Ask Questions
    • Figure out exactly what your customer needs. A customer may very well be confused on company policies or even what they are asking for. Ask leading, clarifying questions to get the customer to explain exactly what they need, and be patient as you try to reach a solution. 
  2. Use Positive Language
    • Instead of telling a customer that you don’t offer that service or that a promotion has ended, try telling them what you can do for them. Empathize with their problem. Explain what your company has to offer and try to keep the conversation light and cheerful. Even if a customer becomes indignant, try to keep them focused on all the positive things you have to offer.
  3. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
    • Customers just want to be heard. Repeat what they are saying to demonstrate they have your full attention. Try saying things such as, “From my understanding, you need assistance with…” or “If I’m hearing you correctly you’re having an issue with….” This ensures you and the customer are on the same page and gives them an open opportunity to elaborate or correct your interpretation if necessary.
  4. Find Answers and Solutions
    • It’s possible a customer may ask a question or have a problem that you don’t have an answer for. Instead of saying “I don’t know,” and leaving the customer to fend for themselves, go above and beyond to seek a solution. Ask a coworker or supervisor for help with a tricky problem so you don’t leave a customer in the dark.
  5. Encourage Repeat Business
    • If a customer comes to you with an issue and you are able to solve it, remind them to come back to see you. Remember, good customer service builds a good reputation and can drive business. Even something as simple as a smile can be good for your bottom line. Leave a positive impression, be polite, and always be working toward future sales. Inform the customer of a new promotion coming up, point out products that may be on sale, or highlight any “extras” that might come with a service.