About Bold Sales Solutions Call Center

Bold Sales Solutions Call Center, a program of Envision Dallas , is a sales, customer service call center and answering service company based out of Dallas, TX. Bold is Built On Leadership Development, and it is our high level of accountability and honest client relationships that are the cornerstones of our business practice when working with small business and large businesses alike. Through our many solutions for small businesses and midsize businesses such as lead generation, data scrubbing, appointment setting and sales we pride ourselves on providing our business clients the best contact center/call center solution in Texas, Kansas and across the country.

Our small business shared services and large global business outsourcing solutions offer flexibility in our services to allow many types of industries lead a diverse group of businesses all the way to large corporations as our clients. From startups to non-profits, and we are proud to offer a variety of solutions to these businesses all across North America. From Dallas, TX to Wichita, KS and across the USA.

Bold Sales Solutions Call Center business services is a cost-effective outsourcing phone agent answering service solution, as we offer a range of service packages to include even online chats, emailing and social media engagement.  These ominichannel & multichannel contact center/call center solutions are designed for businesses and non-profits to take advantage of to help grow and scale.

Services include, but are not limited to, fulfilling B2B or B2C outbound and inbound call center needs, sales and help desk services.

No matter what services you need, business process outsourcing is an excellent cost-reduction strategy, which succeeds by transferring portions of time and energy to third-party companies like us, so you can focus on running your business.

Additionally, outsourcing your sales and customer service needs to us can provide your company with rapidity, fluidity and relevant experience across multiple fields. Handled internally, these skills can incur heavy costs for your business.

Bold Sales Solutions can work with you to maximize your leads and returns as we quietly manage your outsourcing needs.

Bold Sales Solutions is an American outsourcing company

Our operators are trained experts, dedicated to studying and perfecting your brand’s unique voice and persona.

Replicate yourself, with Bold Sales Solutions.